Ask and you shall receive. Introducing: Trekz Titanium Mini!

May 31, 2016

Today marked the formal announcement of the availability of Trekz Titanium Mini. What started as a stretch goal within the launch of Trekz Titanium on Indiegogo last year, is now officially available to the masses on our website. Measuring approximately 1 inch (2.4cm) smaller than the original, the Mini was sized to snugly fit tweens, teens, and adults with smaller heads. For those unsure what size is right for them, we even created a DIY measuring tool to aid customers in selection.

Designed to ensure the ultimate level of awareness and comfort—without compromising on premium sound—Trekz Titanium Mini are wireless, open ear sports headphones made to ensure the safety of runners, cyclists, hikers and more. Trekz Titanium Mini offers all the same features of its big brother, including all three color options.

“Trekz Titanium Mini was initially developed to fulfill a stretch goal perk for a group of Indiegogo backers, but we receive regular requests to produce our headphones in a smaller size,” says Bruce Borenstein, CEO of AfterShokz. Though we have limited stock of Trekz Titanium Mini available at this time, we’re thrilled to be expanding our most popular wireless product line.

Trekz Titanium Mini uses bone conduction technology to transmit audio waves to the inner ears through the skull, bypassing the eardrums completely. Place them on your cheekbones, just in front of your ears. This leaves your ear canals open, allowing you to remain alert and aware of ambient sounds while you enjoy your music. Bluetooth® connectivity gives you the ability to be free of wires and make and receive phone calls.

Trekz Titanium Mini Features:

  • OpenFit™: promising uncompromised situational awareness and extended comfort in a revolutionary open ear design. That means you can tune into your music or a call without tuning out the world around you — vital for staying safe and alert as you move through the day.
  • PremiumPitch+ Sound: Bone conduction audio has earned its bad reputation due to a blend of natural sound leakage and weak bass. PremiumPitch+™ technology optimizes the sound and includes additional features like LeakSlayer™ technology, which ensures music is directed exactly where it should be.
  • Titanium Frame: The backbone of the industrial design is a premium titanium frame, an element chosen not only for its strength and durability but also for its infinite flexibility, which will deliver maximum comfort, portability, and the very best sound. 
  • Sweat Resistant: Built to power through daily sweat sessions and wicked weather. IP55 rated to repel sweat, moisture, and dust.
  • Six Hours of Music and Calls: A single charge will reliably deliver six hours of music play and talk time. You can charge fully in 1.5 hours, but a quick 15-minute charge provides enough boost to get you through a long workout or marathon call.
  • Noise Canceling Mics: Precisely placed dual noise canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech.
  • Voice Prompts: Audrey Says™ seamlessly guide you through power, pair, play and talk, and everything in between.

Trekz Titanium Mini is now available in Slate Gray and Pink — get 'em while you can! 

Size Chart

Step 1


Important: make sure your printer is scaled to 100% on a standard 8.5” x 11” page.

Step 2

Cut out the measuring tool using the dotted line as a guide.

Step 3

Hold the left side (L) behind your left ear and stretch the tool across the back of your head (toward your right ear).

Step 4

If the white section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium Mini.

If the the orange section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium.