AfterShokz Picked for Entrepreneur Magazine’s List of 100 Brilliant Companies

May 29, 2014

If you picked up the June 2014 “100 Brilliant Companies” issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, you’ll be able to see AfterShokz featured in the Music section of its prestigious list!

This is the 4th edition of this annual list, which showcases ideas, companies, applications and inventions in Music, as well as in nine other categories. The other categories include Modern Food and Drink, Fashion, Social Media, Marketing, Health and Fitness, Data and Analytics, Travel and Transportation, Hiring and Marijuana. Those featured have amazed Entrepreneur in having “unique solutions to common problems or marketplace voids, executed in forms both ultra-high-tech and strikingly simple.”

You can find AfterShokz bone conduction headphones in the “More Jamz Brilliance” area alongside music apps, a motion controller and sound systems. We’re truly honored to be the only headphones on Entrepreneur’s list of solutions that help enhance quality sound in a more convenient way and allow “users to listen to tunes without tuning out the rest of the world.” Check out the feature below!


We want to give Entrepreneur Magazine a big thank you for the recognition! We’re honored to be on the list of 100 Brilliant Companies that inspired you. We hope to continue inspiring others through the quality sound our open ear headphones deliver, no matter the activity they’re engaged in.

Size Chart

Step 1


Important: make sure your printer is scaled to 100% on a standard 8.5” x 11” page.

Step 2

Cut out the measuring tool using the dotted line as a guide.

Step 3

Hold the left side (L) behind your left ear and stretch the tool across the back of your head (toward your right ear).

Step 4

If the white section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium Mini.

If the the orange section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium.