United Relay of America

February 12, 2016


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YOU. And a bunch of us. Around 9,000 folks to be exact.



The United Relay of America, an incredible triple-route coast-to-coast non stop running relay. For the first time in history, three unbroken chains of runners will relay nearly 12,000 miles across the United States. Srsly!



The relay will head through 33 states spanning from the West to East coast. The three routes kick off from Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with the batons meeting in New York City’s Prospect Park.



The grand endeavor begins on April 27th and lasts just over five weeks, ending in a wild celebration on June 4th. There are over 1,210 stages in total. Find one that suits you!



The United Relay of America aims to inspire, empower, connect and unite people for a better world. Funds raised help support local children’s hospitals, as well as the coalition of charities partnered with the We Are Here Movement to provide youth education, improve healthcare, fight hunger, end gender discrimination and provide a safe home for orphans. What’s extra special is that 100% of the event’s proceeds go directly to the causes.

Other than doing our part to raise awareness and give back, we’re furthering our mission to keep people safe! Most organized runs take place on closed courses, but the United Relay of America’s three legs will take runners on roadside courses, during all hours and conditions—a situation that could be potentially unsafe. Our involvement will ensure participants are aware of their surroundings as they run—with their ears open—as they pass the batons, day and night, joined together in their causes.



Members of our team have signed up to lead stages personally. Wanna run with us? Comment to find out where we’ll be and when.



Participating runners and sponsors will get a sweet discount on safe headphones to use on the course, so sign up to get the deal. And for every purchase made through our site, AfterShokz will donate 5% to The United Relay of America Fund. Together we can make a difference!!


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