Challenge Accepted

June 17, 2017

We have a passionate team at AfterShokz. From fresh college grads, to seasoned professionals, our close group comes together everyday because of a mission that unities us all: a safer listening experience.

Working alongside one another, whether it's within our office's open floor plan, gathered at the picnic table beneath the summer sun, or across thousands of miles that disintegrate with a single Skype call, we're able to learn about each other's unique interests, values and goals. But having time to pursue those once-made New Year resolutions and long-lost hobbies? That's another story.

Setting aside the items on our personal to-do lists for other more pressing priorities is something we're all guilty of doing, which is how our internal self-improvement challenge got started. Want to run a 5K effortlessly? Want to learn a new skill or get back into a creative hobby? May 1st to June 10th was our chance!

Here's how our team made out:

Bill is the COO and "human calculator" at AfterShokz. His goal was to lose 20 pounds, and he completed his goal within a few short weeks! This began an intense debate among our team on whether he should be required to maintain that weight loss for the remainder of our game. While we never came to an agreement, Bill's diet and self-discipline, means he's happier and healthier than when the challenge began.

Based in San Antonio, Texas; Kim is the CMO of AfterShokz. She keeps us on her toes with her crazy ideas, which are often followed by a chorus of "yeah, we know you're not joking." Her challenge was to train consistently for an overseas marathon she will be running this fall. She has trained vigorously and consistently to prepare for her trip and she's still running everyday to make sure her goal is met.

Hanging out in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida; brand manager Chelsea Jordan cultivates the AfterShokz identity, while spearheading graphics, photography and videography. Chelsea's challenge was to learn how to play a song on guitar. She got as far as picking a song, and accidentally bumping the guitar with her toe, before giving up any aspiration for producing the next big hit. She sold her guitar on Craiglist last week.  


Mary is the AfterShokz controller who manages our financials. Her challenge was to get back into running after participating in United Relay last year. After lacing up her sneakers enough times, she finally hit the point where she doesn't hate it anymore, and we call that a success in our book!

With hair color that changes all the time, Kristen is the customer happiness manager for AfterShokz. Having been on the swim team in high school, her goal was to swim 20 laps three times a week. She owned that goal, until halfway through the challenge when she sprained her ankle. But by May, she was back in the pool!

Typically surrounded by cool gadgets, colorful flowers, and gel pens, Aryal is our social media manager. Her challenge was to start training for a 5K this summer. Frequently coming into work still dressed in her sneakers and running shorts, she more than met her goal!

Currently serving as our office manager, with a legendary reputation for having filled almost every other position at one point or another, Judy is the one with all the answers. From knowing the specs to our 2012 headphone models, to when we're the cutting birthday cake, Judy is on it. Her challenge was to lose 15 pounds, and while she didn't quite meet her goal, she got pretty darn close and is happy with her results.

Not only is Nick our marketing coordinator, he's the best dressed person at the office, armed with a handwritten to-do list that includes tasks like research, content creation, and more! Nick's challenge was to re-engage in making cardboard sculptures, a hobby he enjoyed years ago. Looking for a project that would require a lot of care and time, he attempted a human spine. Although he was unable to complete it by the deadline, you can can see an in-progress photo above.

Joining us with a strong retail background, bubbly personality, and colorful fashion sense,  Kaycee, handling our inside sales, chose to work on developing her self-discipline. She accomplished this by not spending money on clothing, and adhering to a gym schedule. Kaycee accomplished her goal.

A member of our customer happiness team who loves to travel and comes  to work with the best stories, Mark also had the goal of learning to play a song on guitar. A former tutor in the art, he hadn't picked up the instrument in quite a while, but after practicing every other day, he was able to renew his passion. While he succeeded in his goal, none of us have received the recording he promised. 

Whether our goals allowed us to take first steps in unfamiliar territory, or rekindle an old flame, we are all better because of the time we took to focus on ourselves.

If you had 6 weeks to complete a personal challenge, what would you set out to achieve? Would you work out more? Maybe learn a new language? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter what your challenge would be!

Size Chart

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Cut out the measuring tool using the dotted line as a guide.

Step 3

Hold the left side (L) behind your left ear and stretch the tool across the back of your head (toward your right ear).

Step 4

If the white section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium Mini.

If the the orange section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium.