Vine Is Shutting Down: Let's Look Back On Our Favorites!

October 31, 2016

Last week, Twitter announced that they are shutting down their mobile app Vine and the internet went wild. While we're a little heartbroken to see the a creative app close their doors, we'd like to give our dear friend a proper goodbye. So pull up a chair, grab a pint of ice cream and a box of Kleenex and join us in having one last laugh-until-we-cry session over some of our favorite vines of all time! 

Let's count down to our top 10 favorites!

10. The BatDad that inspired us all!

9. While there are many John Cena Vines out on the web, this one had us extremely confused and strangely, impressed.

8. The sweetest "what?" that melted all of our hearts. ❤️

7. Ralph and his love for tater tots still brightens our day! 😍

6. After this Vine we were all asking, "Who is she?"

5. This Vine had us all tagging our sibling/s and cracking up over the stunts we pulled as kids!

4. OK, who else attempted to flip their office chair after this Vine went viral?! 👀 (We can't be the only ones!) 

3. Ah, the many, many Vines of Hotline Bling...but this one is definitely our favorite!

2. This Vine had us all saying, "WHAT ARE THOSE?"!

1. After this original Vine went viral, creators Daniel & Joshua were guests on Ellen! Well deserved! 👏

We want to know, what are your favorite vines?! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! 🙌

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