#SquadGoals - Why It’s Always Better To Workout In Pairs

June 19, 2017

There are very few activities that are truly more enjoyable without a partner of some kind. Listening to music? Watching a movie? Having a meal? Exercising is no different. Whether it’s spotting your partner in the gym, timing their pace is on track for a PB, or simply checking their dips and lunges, there’s no excuse to work out alone. With recent studies concluding that having a partner is indeed key to exercising more, there’s no better way to ensure you stay on track and hit your goals.

You may have noticed one or two of our fave exercises on our Instagram page, however for those who are shaking their heads and persevering with going it solo, check out our list of reasons below for buddying up on your next workout.

1. They’ll encourage you to get outside no matter the weather

Left your thermals in the wash? The overcast sky threatening a downpour? Such excuses might cut it internally, but when you’ve got someone else counting on you, no way. No one wants to be the person who put sitting inside with a pizza above a 30-minute run, and you certainly don’t want to be reminded about it by the person who made it out there.

2. You might pick up a few tips along the way

 As creatures of habit, we aren’t always particularly hospitable to being told to do something differently, and we are much less likely to invest time into finding a new way to exercise. Encouragement from a friend, however, may be the key to get you trying what just might be your new favorite workout.

3. You’ll be more likely to stick to an activity

A combination of healthy competition and regular encouragement makes it all the more likely you won’t give up after the first week. Post-Christmas fads will become a thing of the past, and you’ll have someone to pick you up every time you feel like packing it in.

4. Exercises become less intimidating

 There’s no shame in admitting that there’s something a little daunting about walking into the weight room with a squad of ripped guys or gals flexing in front of a wall of mirrors. When you need a little backup to grit your teeth and enter a new environment, your partner will be there every step of the way, undoubtedly relieved you’re there offering the same sort of support.

5. Training becomes infinitely more fun

It might seem like we’re banging on a little too much on how training in pairs improves performance, but the most important benefit is undoubtedly that it makes everything so much more enjoyable. Sharing progress, pushing your boundaries and ultimately creating a bond with someone makes your workout so much more fun, a result that can only lead to bigger and better things.

6. You never really work quite as hard on your own

We all know the feeling. As you get towards the end of your run, the last set of reps or final leg of your ride, you tend to lay off the gas a little and ease into the rest of your exercise. While it may mean you ‘enjoy’ the final push a little more, that sinking feeling of knowing you haven’t truly stretched yourself can be avoided if only you had a partner in tow. As 64% of women admit they push themselves harder when hitting such activities with a friend, there’s no reason not to get one of your buddies on board.

Why do you exercise with a partner? Share the benefits with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!



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