Trekz Titanium vs. Bluez 2S

You’ve heard all about Trekz Titanium, but Bluez 2S is looking pretty snazzy too! Both headphones use bone conduction. Both headphones can make/take phone calls. Both headphones have IP-55 certification. You know you want an AfterShokz Bluetooth headphone, but which one do you choose?

One of the most obvious differences between the two models is the material. Bluez 2S is made with plastic, while Trekz Titanium has a titanium core and silicone coating, so it’s a little lighter, stronger and more flexible than Bluez 2S.

While Bluez 2S can only connect to one device at a time, Trekz Titanium has multipoint pairing, so you can be connected to two devices at once. While you won’t receive audio from both devices at the same time, you’ll be able to seamlessly bounce back and forth between the two.

Trekz Titanium is our latest wireless model, running on 4.1 Bluetooth. Bluez 2S uses 3.1 Bluetooth. 

Trekz Titanium was specifically designed for active lifestyles, so the fit and feel is a little different than Bluez 2S, which is more for everyday use.

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