Can I Wear My AfterShokz In The Rain?
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Can I Wear My AfterShokz In The Rain?

AfterShokz are designed to accompany you on every adventure, so it’s no surprise when our customers ask how their new headphones will fair in the rain.

Aeropex and Xtrainerz are both waterproof and can be used in the rain, for watersports, and everything in between! However, Air, Titanium, and Bluez 2S are all IP-55 certified, making them water-resistant, but not waterproof. While some moisture is okay, we don’t recommend these headphones ever be submerged underwater.

Forecast calling for light to moderate rain? Get your playlist going! Torrential downpours on the horizon, but you don't have Aeropex or Xtrainerz? We suggest you use your best judgment.

Curious about what else your AfterShokz headphones can withstand? Please click the widget below for assistance.