Take Aeropex Anywhere

August 23, 2019

Warm weather calls for doing big things: traveling, racing, biking, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding. You name it; it’s on the list. And with the all-new ultra-lightweight and completely sweatproof Aftershokz Aeropex, you’re able to do them all.

On the Go

Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling across the world, you can be sure no one else will hear what’s coming through your headphones. With a 50% reduction in sound leakage, Aeropex can guarantee the most private listening experience anywhere you go.

On the Water

Aeropex are IP67 waterproof, submersible up to one meter deep for thirty minutes. This means water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing just got more fun! Put on a favorite playlist or learn something new on a podcast while trying to become the next Johnny Tsunami. Afterward, when you’re rinsing off, you don’t even need to disrupt the vibe by removing these bad boys. 

On the Trail

With eight hours of battery life, the longer route is calling your name! You’ll have no issue seeing the best sights or getting your training miles in. Take time to explore a little, take the road less traveled, and enjoy every second, minute, and hour of your adventure.

On the Bike

Safety is critical when riding. With PremiumPitchTM 2.0+ and re-engineered transducers for improved audio quality, Aeropex will provide deeper bass so you can be immersed in your music while staying safe and tuning into the world around you.

At Work

For the days you have to clock some hours, you won’t need to cart your charger around with you because Aeropex comes with two! Leave one at work and one at home so your headphones will always be at 100%. 

AfterShokz Aeropex is available for $159.95, and you can order them today at With your music problems solved, the only question that remains is, what will you check off your adventure list first?

Size Chart

Step 1


Important: make sure your printer is scaled to 100% on a standard 8.5” x 11” page.

Step 2

Cut out the measuring tool using the dotted line as a guide.

Step 3

Hold the left side (L) behind your left ear and stretch the tool across the back of your head (toward your right ear).

Step 4

If the white section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium Mini.

If the the orange section of the sizing tool is touching your right ear, choose Trekz Titanium.